Creating Data Driven Organizations

Metric Media’s public face is really about metrics in commercial and public spaces with digital advertising, touch walls, touch displays and the like.  I realized last night that in our effort to use metrics or be our own case study as we build this small company we have created an organization that really does live on our own philosophical dog food meaning we use metrics to measure and understand our business internally and help guides us in a sea of data.  It’s more than just KPI’s (Key performance indicators) but about a deep understanding of what the data means.

So a couple months ago I put three of the Metric Media kiosks in a row in front of the AI lab (my lab) here at Hall Labs (see image below).  I wanted to have a better handle on where we are with our projects and with the state of the business and the like.  I put our current VSO kanban board on one, the current iterations burndown chart and the most current high-level dashboard for the kiosks and for the social media stuff we are doing.  What I wanted to point out is that by looking at this stuff together we start to see how sprints affect our social media and market activity with the screens all interrelate.

Being able to summarize and visualize data helps the human mind make more sense of it and with Machine Learning and additional tools like that you can work with larger sets of data but its this data that we can glean insights from.  For Metric whose business is about ‘metrics’ it’s important for us to be able to see how those metrics help our business for us to be able to help our customers and let’s be honest, helping our customers is really where we are able to build those long-term relationships and be successful as a company.  So while we are not selling tools like VSO we can help you make sense of the data and part of how we do that is doing it on ourselves.