Animation, either of text elements or of logos, icons, and other visual devices, should be used always. Wherever possible. Our competitors here are not so much web designs as they are videogame consoles. The object is to capture attention, hold attention, and fire a little bit of serotonin in the users brain every time they interact with the screen. We have an opportunity to fill a users visual field with our product, we are not necessarily limited to well established consumer design principles.

Always lead the eye. And where you can’t Lead the eye keep it stationary and interested.

Large, Hi-Rez images are preferable. Where we have to showcase products we should use our large format to our advantage.

Use SVG formats. They look good, they are of small file size, they can be easily animated, and they look better than bitmap files for any application outside of high-rez product photos.

Hide controls when appropriate. Make their transitions interesting, make hamburger menus, drop-down menus, and settings menus still prominent. But when a tool kit or you wine menu is called make sure it is prominent for usability purposes and tucks-away nicely into the design when it’s not being used.