You have to start with Good Media

(Provo, Ut) In this day and age, virtually everyone and everything is replaceable.  Metric Media has some hot technology we have been working on for a few years and it could take a long time for the market or our competitors to catch up but we would be delusional to think no one else will eventually figure it out.  What makes us stand the long run is our team and when it comes to something consumer-facing its the experience.  Not only do we have a great team but a great design team.

From Jason in photography to Marquie and Shane in experience design, it’s the ‘hotness’ of that design experience that will allow the team to stand out now and in the long run.  I think when Peter and I were working out this plan around Metric and the technology and the marketing what we found was our team is so passionate about doing things right and doing things ‘hot’ that they were doing it for fun because they love it and because that is what matters to them.

For example Jason our head photographer playing around with our large combat drone platform taking pictures and trying out various imaging techniques.  This is what makes Metric Media a special place to work for…  look for more in the coming weeks.

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