Ubiquitous Computing, Big Data and Digital Advertising

We will generate more data in the next year then humanity has generated in the last 10,000 years and that rate is increasing exponentially.  Virtually everything we touch has computing power in it.  Our technology is merging into the background and into us.  You hear talk about big data, IoT, Machine Learning, AI and many many more trends.  It is in this new sea of data and technology we are emerging as a new species and Metric Media is trying to help bring order to this mass of information.  Part of this is for that technology to sink into the background but what Metric Media hopes to do is lower the noise you have to deal with.

Advertising now days is increasingly ignored.  Our hope is to use the technology emerging all around us to make advertising in real life more relevant.  If you’re walking through a mall and see a sign or billboard.  Referring to my own demographic, I don’t want to see stuff about pink dresses at the new dress store but maybe something about the new iPhone I missed the announcement on last week that might actually be relevant me.  Getting rid of traditional advertising and helping it evolve it something more personal and relevant is our goal.

Now technically doing this is a lot of jumping around with computing power, data analysis and frankly metrics.  It is in the use of machine learning against the massive amounts of data collection that we are able to produce effective amounts of demographic classifications to be able to use that to allow individual touch walls and digital screens to be able to focus on the kinds of advertising that is focused specifically on you and not just whatever add happens to be in the queue.

I recognize there is a lot of fear about big brother and certainly I more then anyone is a bit paranoid.  I’m not sure I’m a tin foil hat wearing sort but I know there are others out there with more skills then me and that is what is really scary for me so along those lines it is important to ensure that our technology is not evil in the same way that I would not want to be exposed to that sort of thing.  How we are doing that in the Metric Media systems is to not track whats called PII data.  For example we use facial recognition but essentially turn your face into a one way hash and associate location and activity and other details in terms of demographic so like age and only use the demographic classification and the images, for example, taken by the system are never written to disk but immediately removed as a matter of course.

Further, we are playing with various cryptocurrencies and other similar solutions for those that want an even more personal experience but my last point is that the technology is coming so if we don’t put it out there and make it ‘good’ someone else will and use it for evil.  Help us do good by focusing on supporting companies and technologies that discourage ‘evil’ as we move into a new economy for a new emerging technology-based species.