AI, Mixed Reality and the New Software Design Landscape

A presentation a friend of mine did (Rick Barraza) at the conference I help produce and new and emerging technologies I stole from my blog.  I meet Rick at a bar in Vegas after a conference we both attended and the discussion revolved around the idea of a design integrator that had some skills of a UX Designers and could talk the language but also some dev skills and talk engineering.  When it comes to design Rick is on the ball.:

“Based on the very positive feedback after this talk was presented at Microsoft, I decided to create a series “Creative Coding in Unity” tutorials which should begin going online at April 2016.

An age of more personal computing is upon us, but is our intuition around technology and design up to the challenge? In this sweeping talk across the new software design landscape, Rick Barraza explains how fundamental shifts in computation, artificial intelligence, and mixed reality are transforming everything we thought we knew about design and the future of software.”



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