A technological “worldview” – one of our own AI Researchers

(1 NOV 2017 – Virgina ) – Mark Waser, an AGI Researcher and Principal Architect at Metric Media is featured in a new article by local ABC affiliate in Virgina.

“From the minute we wake up until we go to sleep, we’re constantly surrounded by technology.

Computers, cell phones, iPads, they’ve become ingrained in our everyday lives.

“There are all sorts of technological advances that conceivably could make the world much better for human beings,” said Mark Waser, an artificial intelligence expert.

He believes with the help of technology, life can be even better for all humans.

“We definitely need to pay attention to technology,” he said.

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Some, who they said, think there’s a possibility of advancements like bionic limbs and lifespan longevity, while some just believe in maximizing technology to benefit all humans.

“I personally believe in equality and make the world better for everyone,” said Waser.

Since it’s so widespread, it can also come with misconceptions and disagreements. The idea of living forever brings up an argument of morals and the idea of human-level artificial intelligence can spark a sense of uneasiness.

“We should take advantage of the good things that can be done with technology,” said Waser.

“You gotta make that investment otherwise it won’t happen,” Orme said.

Whether they’re things that are already a part of our everyday lives or things that we haven’t seen yet, these transhumanists think they can be good things that come over time.

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